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Green Schools
Berrings N.S. has been working towards their first Green Flag since January 2011. We were informed recently that we have been successful in our plight and we were rewarded with our flag in May 2012. We have cut down the amount of paper used in the school by a huge amount and we are all very proud of this achievement. We held our celebration day on May 23rd where we raised our new Green Flag at the front of our school. We dressed in green and waved green flags. We also got ice cream with green syrup from an ice cream van as a treat for our hard work!

Paper Logs
You need lots of paper to make paper logs. First you get a bin and put water in it. Then you get a stick and mix it all up. Now itís time to put it in the log maker and then squeeze it and then take it out. You leave it near a window for a couple of weeks
until it is very dry .We made lots of paper logs this year as part of the Green Schools Programme.
By Katie and Aoife
Second Class

Our Green Code Day!
We held our Green Code Day in June 2011. The whole school got together in the halla for a competition to try and come up with the green code for the school. The committee spoke to all the children about the green school's programme and how we as a school were taking part in. The children on the committee dressed up in green for the day and got their faces painted. A great brainstorming session took place in the halla where the children were all divided up in to groups. Each group had a name based on the theme of environmental awareness and care. The committee found it hard to decide which green code was the best but we finally decided on the following... No Pollution, That's The Berrings Solution!
By Ellee and Katyelyn
Second Class

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